Labor law in practice

I think we all have some experience of having knowledgeable lawyers with thorough knowledge have legal advice on labor law issues in the company.

However, when the question arises:
„OK,but how do I know, how to apply it in our practice?” the answer is often:

 „This is, what you have to decide, the interpretation of the given question depends ont he situation…”

The answer to the question is the following:

” The practical application has the following advantages and dangers: …”

Based on my own experiences, court judgements, procedures and processes applied at other firms, (anonymously, of course) I suggest the following:

I like to solve the problem, (naturally , together  with you), and not only participate in the process.

My service may include specific counceling , crisis management – strike management (in certain cases with labor lawyer) and it may mean to prepare the organization( leaders) as well.

Can you prepare for the strike? Yes, you can!

Strike cannot be avoided in every case, but the loss of production  and  the loss of the employer’s  identity can be minimized with proper preparation.

The organization and the leaders can be prepared (eg.: definition of narrow cross- section) , (eg.: training for labor law in practice with situational exercises) to provide the company with optimal crisis management fir the company in a lawful way.

The labor law training provides leaders with guaranteenot only in case of strikes, but also providing practical and useful help for different leaders on working law issues during day-to-day operation(eg.: termination, written warning, alcohol monitoring  etc.),.

There is always a solution we can use in your case!


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